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These days and even going forward, educational projects for school and college going students is one of the important and much required part of their studies.
Schools, Business or software development firms who would want to carry some training, project related activities or events at cost effective levels, can opt for desktops on rent.
Keeping in mind the latest technology trend and requirements, also offering the configuration as per needs, we provide up to the mark and branded desktops on rent. 

Computer Rentals & Workstation

Innovativetech Centra makes Computer Rentals convenient for you, from a simple HP or Dell desktop and monitor rental to hiring several hundred HP Core 2 Duo or Core i5 dual core and Core i7, Quad Core, Dual or Quad Core Xeon processor workstations beefed up with up to 72GB Ram, NVIDIA and ATI gaming or CAD CAM graphic adapters, multiple SCSI, SAS & SATA hard drives, getting the desired computer Computer Rentals service is now possible. Also available to rent are Sun Blade workstations with various options. You need just one call to your dedicated Computer Rentals specialist at Sumo Technologies. You can customize every Computer Rentals or workstation rental to meet your exact requirement or fancy. Choose from several models of LCD flat panel monitors to compliment your desktop computer rental.
Powerful Apple iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro are available for desktop rental with the latest Apple OS Snow leopard or Lion operating system for the artist within you. Be it for a classroom training computer rental or computer rentals for seasonal employees during peak business, one call to Sumo Technologies rental specialist is all that is needed to secure your rental computers